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Why are you running for Maine State House District 129?

“From an early age, I have felt a call to serve my country, and I believe in the process of democracy,” said Archer.  As your representative “ I will do everything in my power to improve the quality of life for Saco’s citizens.

“In my four years of service in the Marine Corps, the presiding officer of several Veterans Service Organizations, chair of a local chamber of commerce and as a Director within the workforce development industry I’ve have learned the importance of listening and to act on the identified concerns of those I work with.”  As your State Representative, my intention is to offer the same level service to those of Saco as I do with my professional life.

What can we expect from you as a Representative?

As your Representative, you can count on me to make sure that the community and State needs are met. Personally, I am committed to providing a thoughtful and analytical approach to taxation. While recognizing that taxes are a part of everyday life, I believe that those in a position to spend taxpayer’s money must have a fiduciary responsibility to those that they serve. 

What does your slogan “Community Through Collaboration” mean?

While preparing for this election campaign I want to reiterate with three words on what politics means to me. “Community Through Collaboration” reminds me of a time when politicians consisted of farmers, bankers, teachers, trade workers, doctors, veterans, etc., and not just lawyers. Our country, our democracy, was created by a true representative sample of Americans set up by hard work, understanding, respect, and collaboration. I would like to continue to implement this style of politics back into the governing of Saco. A trait that I have exhibited over the last three terms as a local politician. 


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